US allocates $400m military aid package to Ukraine

The USA will send Ukraine a new military support package worth 400 million dollars, according to a memorandum by the country’s President Joe Biden.


US allocates $400m military aid package to Ukraine

Joe Biden signed an executive order delegating authority to the Secretary of State to allocate financial support to Ukraine.

“I am delegating authority to the secretary of state to allocate up to $400 million in defence goods and services from the Department of Defence, as well as for military training and education, to assist Ukraine,” reads the document released by the White House press office.

The arms shipment will include missiles for Patriot surface-to-air missile systems, Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, Mine Resistant Ambush Protected armoured vehicles and Javelin anti-tank missile systems, the publication said.

We shall remind you that earlier Foreign Affairs magazine wrote that the Ukrainian army is unable to dislodge the Russian Armed Forces from their positions even if it receives new assistance from the EU and the USA and trains its military in Western countries.