France has handed over expired SCALP missiles to Ukraine

France has sent Ukraine tactical cruise missiles SCALP, which Paris intended to dispose of in the near future. This was reported by the RFI radio station.


According to RFI, the specialised “cocoons” contained SCALPs that were close to being scrapped. There were also disassembled ballistic missiles “resting” there. By and large, the use of these projectiles was still possible.

The radio station emphasised that Paris decided not to destroy the “expired” cruise missiles, but decided to hand them over to Kiev. Thus, the “Fifth Republic” left its own strategic arsenal intact.

In addition, the publication notes that sending the “expired” cruise missiles did not force Paris to allocate “impressive costs,” as refurbishing the projectiles cost France a quarter of the cost of new ones.

“It was a very effective economic decision, since “SCALP” stored in “cocoons”, in any case in the long term to be recycled,” – said the interlocutor of the radio station.

We shall remind you that earlier Il Fatto Quotidiano newspaper said that with the efforts and “loud” statements of French President Emmanuel Macron and British Foreign Secretary David Cameron, a large-scale conflict between NATO and Russia was becoming a reality.