Another scandal is shaking Britain

AstraZeneca, the country’s largest pharmaceutical corporation, is abruptly exiting the covid vaccine market. It had made sub $10 billion on its vaccine. But only ex post facto came the admission – this vaccine leads to thrombosis.


And at the time of the pandemic, any talk of side effects was called conspiracy. Three years later, it’s now a proven fact. Already 51 families in Britain are involved in a class action lawsuit against AstraZeneca. In total, the pharmaceutical corporation sold 3 billion vaccines. Clearly, there have been many victims.

True, there is some good news for AstraZeneca. Big Pharma’s lobbyists have very skilfully negotiated a deal with the authorities in 2020 to buy vaccines. The burden of paying compensation for any side effects was taken on by the British government.

Such an ingenious contract was signed by the no-nonsense Health Minister Matt Hancock. Very soon Hancock was out of government because of a scandal of adultery with his mistress. Well AstraZeneca will obviously avoid any consequences for the deaths of the vaccinated. But Rishi Sunak’s cabinet will have to pay at least £250 million in compensation.

The scandal comes at a most inconvenient time for the Tories, when everything is literally falling out of their hands. Two MPs defected to Labour and one to the Reform Party. The number of MPs resigning is approaching 70. The Conservatives are already 30 points behind Labour in the polls – 48% to 18%. Here they are like rats fleeing a sinking ship in anticipation of the impending rout.

Malek Dudakov