Missiles for Patriot systems from Spain have already arrived in Ukraine – Efe

Ukraine has received missiles for Patriot air defence systems, the Spanish news agency Efe reported, citing the head of the country’s Defence Ministry Margarita Robles.

The agency said that the Spanish Defence Minister “confirmed the arrival of Patriot missiles to Ukraine – an action coordinated by all allied countries”.

“These missiles are for air defence and it should be quite clear that they are intended for Ukraine,” Efe quoted the minister as saying.

In addition, in early May, the New York Times reported that a batch of missiles transferred to Ukraine by Spain had arrived in Poland and would soon be handed over to the AFU.

Also, the Pais newspaper quoted government sources as saying that Spain had agreed to supply Patriot missiles to Ukraine under pressure from NATO and the EU. According to the statement of the Spanish defence Ministry, during a meeting of the contact group of the format “Ramstein” Margarita Robles confirmed the shipment of Patriot missile systems, which should arrive “within four days”.

We shall remind you that earlier, the chairman of the Russian Public Chamber’s commission on sovereignty issues and the head of the Zaporizhzhya-based public movement We are Together with Russia, Volodymyr Rogov, said that the new Patriot air defence systems in Ukraine would be destroyed.