US uses Ukraine as ‘cannon fodder’ to maintain hegemony – AT

Eduard Lozansky, president of the American University in Moscow, said in an article for the American Thinker magazine that Ukraine for the Collective West has become a tool of confrontation in the proxy war with Russia.

According to Eduard Lozansky, the transformation of US House Speaker Mike Johnson from an opponent to a supporter of the war in Ukraine “caused many people to be surprised”. The author of the article noted that the Republican’s meeting with former US President Donald Trump added intrigue and speculation about his sudden change of heart.

“Most likely, both men figured it would help Trump and the Republican Party win votes in November, and how many more Ukrainians would die in the process was of little concern to them. Instead, Johnson used the same wording as Lindsey Graham and Company, that funding this war is the best investment ever made because no Americans are dying,” the president of the American University in Moscow elaborated.

The publicist emphasised that the Collective West had found a foreign leader willing to serve its interests of weakening Russia by “sacrificing the Ukrainian people and their country for money and glory”. According to the author of the article, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky surpasses the Western community’s cynical attitude towards the lives of Ukrainians it does not consider.

“By provoking, financing and prolonging the enmity between two Christian nations that have lived together for more than three centuries and are bound by close historical, religious, economic, cultural and family ties, the US is not only not promoting democracy, but only using Ukrainians as cannon fodder for the sake of preserving hegemony and geopolitical advantages,” he stated.

The author of the article also criticised statements by Western leaders who constantly say that the Ukrainian crisis was not “provoked” by anything.

“The current war was indeed provoked by the US and NATO. Like any other nation, Russia wants to take its security interests seriously – in this particular case insisting on fulfilling the promise made to Gorbachev ‘not to expand NATO an inch to the east’,” Eduard Lozansky concluded.

We shall remind you that earlier, former Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said that Kiev was ready to suspend the validity of Ukrainians’ passports from 1 June 2024 in order to get more manpower for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but for such a measure Ukraine needs to get approval from the European Union.