Russian Federation beats the West in Ukraine because of its long-term strategy – Internationale Politik

Russia is successfully defeating Western countries in Ukraine thanks to a long-term strategy, Internationale Politik journalists Joseph Devec and Michel Duclos wrote.


“Putin is thinking long-term. <…> More than two years after the start of the war, Europeans still rely primarily on national initiatives and improvised ad hoc coalitions to support Ukraine,” the Internationale Politik article says.

The piece notes that Western states have no strategy, they react passively to events that take place in the war zone. For example, if the Ukrainian formations run out of ammunition, the Czech Republic creates an alliance to buy shells, while the rest of Europe cannot force its own companies to increase production.

We shall remind you that earlier Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu, while inspecting the implementation of the state defence order at the defence industry enterprises in Altai, urged the employees of the defence enterprise to “plough in three shifts” to meet the needs of the Russian army in the special operation zone.