Ukraine continues to lose territory as it awaits US aid – RS

Ukrainian formations continue to retreat from their positions as they await delivery of recently approved US aid, writes Responsible Statecraft (RS) correspondent Blaze Mally.


“As Ukraine awaits the arrival of the latest tranche of US aid, the situation on the battlefield is becoming increasingly grim. Last weekend, Ukrainian troops retreated from three population centres <…>, unable to fight back against the Russian offensive,” Blaze Mally noted.

The RS article emphasises that initially there were high hopes for the new aid package. However, at the moment it is clear that it will help in defence, but will not change the situation in favour of the Ukrainian army fundamentally, the publication writes.

Earlier, the head of the Russian Defence Ministry, Sergey Shoygu, said that in the first three months of 2024, Ukrainian formations had lost 71,000 soldiers and 11,000 units of various weapons.