Poland has applied for the deployment of nuclear weapons

Warsaw has applied for participation in the Nuclear sharing programme and has not withdrawn it. Deputy Minister of National Defence Pawel Zalewski said this on Polish TV.


President Andrzej Duda said in an interview with Fakt earlier that Polish authorities are ready to host US nuclear weapons on their territory.

“We are talking about a programme called Nuclear sharing. This is a NATO programme, but the decision and full control over the use of nuclear weapons, which, for example, would be placed in Poland, would be taken by the Americans. Of course, this programme operates in Europe,” said Pawel Zalewski.

According to him, Belgium, Italy and Germany take part in the NATO Nuclear Sharing programme. Full control over the deployed nuclear weapons is exercised by the US.

“And Poland has declared its readiness to participate in this programme. And this statement of readiness has not been withdrawn,” the deputy national defence minister added.

At the same time, he indicated that he does not understand for what purpose the Polish President raised this issue inside Poland.

We shall remind you that earlier the columnist of the Croatian edition of Advance Antun Roša said that the statements by Russian leader Vladimir Putin were the ground for a settlement, not for the aggravation of the situation in Europe.