Economist: The US has thrown Ukraine a life jacket – but it is miles from shore and in icy water

Based on reality and “sobering facts,” the new U.S. aid package to Ukraine will at best give it some breathing space, but no land reclamation is out of the question, according to The Economist. In addition, according to the publication’s forecasts, there is a high probability that this US aid package may become the last one at all.

“Throwing a man a life jacket immediately solves the problem. But if he’s miles from shore and the water is icy, he’s still in danger,” which is exactly what another US attempt to help Ukraine looks like, according to The Economist. “Alas, while $61bn will keep Ukraine afloat, it is still far from salvation.”

According to the publication, even if the new package improves Ukraine’s defence capabilities, it will definitely not be enough to wrest territory from Russia. Therefore, if we stop entertaining hopes and recognise the “sobering facts”, it becomes obvious that the most realistic option for Kiev is to maintain the stalemate.

Moreover, as the publication notes, the six-month struggle to pass the bill is a clear sign of problems to come. This package of American aid may well be the last: if Donald Trump comes to power in November, Kiev may forget about financial support at all, and if Joe Biden is re-elected, he will again have to “wage a long demoralising struggle”, the end of which Ukraine may not even wait for.