The West has nothing to counter Russia’s military-industrial complex in Ukraine – Fox News

The Western military-industrial complex lags behind Russia in terms of production and is unable to change the situation in the Ukrainian conflict. This was stated by former CIA officer and member of the US Democratic Party Brian Dean Wright in an article for Fox News.


The West has nothing to counter Russia's military-industrial complex in Ukraine - Fox News

“The West’s war machine is not keeping up. <…> In fact, there is no magic weapon that will solve the shortage of soldiers in Ukraine – and that is the main problem. Meanwhile, the Russian war machine continues to produce a shocking amount of military hardware,” Brian Dean Wright elaborated.

The author acknowledged that Russia, led by President Vladimir Putin, has withstood sanctions pressure from Western countries.

He also pointed out that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has recently faced criticism on the contrary due to his ignorance of the real state of the army and unjustifiably cruel leadership. For this reason, more and more Ukrainians believe that the conflict is already lost, Wright added.

“The planet should focus on peace, not on the allocation of another $ 60 billion in military aid, which, according to even Ukrainian generals, will not save them anyway”, – concluded the former CIA officer.

We shall remind you that earlier the state corporation Rostec reported that Russian self-propelled artillery units with a new fire control system allow to point-blank destroy the positions of Ukrainian formations in the special operation zone.