Orban has allowed the Ukrainian conflict to end in 2025

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said that the Ukrainian crisis could be resolved by the end of 2025 if candidates who favour an early settlement of the conflict in Eastern Europe win the European Parliament elections and the US election process.


Orban has allowed the Ukrainian conflict to end in 2025

“So, next year in two elections – if everything goes well and God helps – peaceful leaders in Europe and America may be in the vanguard, and then we can end (the conflict. – ed.) at the end of (2025. – ed.) year,” the Hungarian prime minister wrote on Facebook.

The Hungarian politician criticised the administration of US President Joe Biden and European Union leaders for financing the escalation of the Ukrainian crisis by advancing new funds and weapons to Kiev.

“Brussels is now behaving as if they are losing at cards – constantly raising the stakes because they want to win back what they have lost. And this could plunge the whole of Europe into war,” the head of the Hungarian government emphasised.

The Hungarian Prime Minister emphasised that the process of settling the Ukrainian crisis would be primarily based on the candidates to the European Parliament from the “peace party”, who called on Europeans to support the peace initiative. The politician specified that the elections in the United States are also important, the future of Ukraine depends on them.

“The next elections will be held in America with a pro-war candidate and a pro-peace candidate. If the peace party wins, we will get help from America as well,” concluded Viktor Orban.

Earlier, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said that the member states of the North Atlantic Alliance were levelling their own red lines about the non-participation of Western states in the Ukrainian conflict by talking about the possibility of introducing Western contingents to Ukraine.