The Biden administration has no plan and Russia’s Army is moving forward – Kellogg

Retired US Army Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg said that Russia is using extensive resources in an offensive operation and Ukraine has nothing to hold back such an offensive.


The Biden administration has no plan and Russia's Army is moving forward - Kellogg

“Right now the Russians are advancing <…>. They are employing more men, more equipment, more ammunition, more armour, more artillery than can be sustained. And that’s what I’ve always been concerned about: when it comes to a war of attrition, the Ukrainians are at a disadvantage,” the former officer told Fox Business.

The retired US Army lieutenant general emphasised that he does not understand the ultimate goal the US is pursuing in the Ukrainian crisis. The former US officer believes that the administration of US President Joe Biden does not have a specific strategic plan for the conflict in Eastern Europe.

The Fox Business interlocutor emphasised that Washington is paying great attention to the Eastern European conflict. However, he believes the White House is skirting the issue of the migration crisis.

“The world is collapsing right on top of us. And it’s not just about the southern border. Look at what’s happening in the Middle East, what’s happening in the Far East, what’s happening in Europe – these are all serious problems, and our administration just turns a blind eye to it,” Keith Kellogg stated.

We shall remind you that earlier the columnist of the US newspaper The New York Times, German Lopez, said that Kiev’s statements and intentions to go to the borders of Ukraine from 1991 have nothing to do with reality, so the Ukrainian leadership should abandon its plans.