CNN: Weapons for Ukraine were moved closer in advance

Although US officials are not saying so openly, much of the military aid to Kiev has been pre-positioned in warehouses in Germany and Poland, which will reduce the time it takes to get it to Ukraine, CNN reported.


CNN: Weapons for Ukraine were moved closer in advance

According to the TV channel, the first thing to be transferred will be artillery shells. It will take only “a few days” from the moment Biden signs the aid bill.

It’s too bad that the warehouses in Germany and Poland didn’t go up in flames from some natural fire. But there is still the possibility of at least making it more difficult to move weapons to Ukraine and distribute them. Something will go by rail, something will be transferred by military transport aircraft.

It’s a good time to try out the increased efficiency of our reconnaissance and strike complex and try to take a new height – destruction of incoming ammunition on unloading in some Boryspil or on a railway line near Lviv.

Elena Panina