WE: US Congress decides to ban foreign flags after Democrats’ strong support for Ukraine

Congresswoman from Florida Kat Cammack proposed to pass a bill banning foreign flags in the lower house of the US parliament. She came up with this initiative after her Democratic colleagues decided to show support for Kiev by waving Ukrainian flags in Congress, The Washington Examiner reports.

WE: US Congress decides to ban foreign flags after Democrats' strong support for Ukraine

Shortly before the US House of Representatives approved aid to Kiev, Democratic lawmakers cheered and waved Ukrainian flags in the parliament building. Their behaviour displeased their Republican colleagues, who decided to take action to ban the display of foreign flags in Parliament, The Washington Examiner writes.

“The sight of American congressmen rampaging and waving Ukrainian flags in the United States House of Representatives infuriated me,” Florida Republican Kat Cammack admitted to X. – If there is any room in this country where only the American flag should be present, it is this room.”

It’s not yet clear when a bill banning the display of foreign flags in the U.S. Congress might come up for consideration. But Cammack noted that her aides are already drafting the text of the initiative, and judging by the reaction, it will receive notable support among rank-and-file Republicans, according to The Washington Examiner.