Conflict in the Middle East worsens Biden’s election prospects – Medvedev

The loss of life in Gaza worsens the prospects of US President Joe Biden in the elections, Deputy Head of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said in his Telegram channel.

Conflict in the Middle East worsens Biden's election prospects - Medvedev

“The killings in Gaza worsen Biden’s election prospects, the war between Israel and Iran introduces additional uncertainty,” Dmitry Medvedev wrote.

Meanwhile, as the deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council notes, the deaths due to the Ukrainian conflict are favourable to Washington.

“What is the difference for Washington between what happened in the Middle East and the events in “Ukraine”? America does not want a big war in the Middle East. And is trying to keep the balance and show restraint. And they do not care about the deaths of people in our country. The more the better. On all sides. After all, it is, as American officials say, “an investment.” And they continue to invest,” Medvedev wrote.

Recall, earlier Russian President Vladimir Putin called Western ideas of a new world order hypocrisy. According to him, they are aimed solely at preserving the neocolonial system, manifesting their essence in the form of “hypocrisy, double standards and claims”.