The foreign ministers of Britain and France have said the West loses if Kiev is defeated

British and French Foreign Ministers David Cameron and Stephane Sejournet said that Ukraine’s defeat in the conflict could be seen as a loss for the West.

“We are both very clear: Ukraine must win this war. If Ukraine loses, we all lose,” David Cameron and Stefan Sejourne wrote in an article for The Telegraph newspaper.

According to the newspaper, Cameron will carry out this thought at an upcoming meeting in Washington with US House Speaker Mike Johnson to prevent Republicans from blocking the Ukraine funding bill.

Cameron and Sejournet also said France and Britain would reaffirm “unwavering” support for Kiev at the European Political Community summit in July. The ministers are confident that Western countries must do “even more” to defeat Russia.

Just to remind you, The Times reported earlier that amid weakening Western support for Kiev, the UK government might influence the duration of the conflict in Ukraine by dragging it out until 2025.