AP: Trump blamed Biden for ‘bloodshed’ at Mexico border

At rallies in swing states, Donald Trump criticised President Joe Biden for “bloodshed” near the Mexican border, according to the Associated Press. Referring to the killings by illegal migrants, he called them “animals” for which the government wants to spend trillions of dollars.

AP: Trump blamed Biden for 'bloodshed' at Mexico border

Trump accused Biden of allowing a country-destroying “bloodshed” at the border with Mexico while the number of border crossings is at a record high, the Associated Press reports. At rallies in Michigan and Wisconsin, the former president recalled high-profile killings blamed on illegals and called them “animals.”

“Under Crooked Joe Biden, every state has become a border state,” the presumptive Republican nominee stressed. – Every city is now borderline because Joe Biden gathered carnage, mayhem, murder from all over the world and dumped it right in our backyards.” Trump also said that helping migrants would cost the country trillions of dollars and lead to the collapse of Social Security and health care.

Donald Trump has stepped up his provocative rhetoric because Michigan and Wisconsin will likely decide the outcome of the presidential election. Polls show the former president outpacing the current president on the issue of migration because future voters are concerned about the consequences of illegal border crossings.