Ukraine uses US intelligence to attack Russia – SVR RF

When organising attacks by sabotage and reconnaissance groups (SRGs) and shelling of Russian territory, Kiev actively uses satellite information provided by US intelligence, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) said.

Ukraine uses US intelligence to attack Russia - SVR RF
According to the SVR, US intelligence supplies information to the Ukrainian side to organise attacks and shelling of Russian territories.

“The killing of civilians in the Moscow region (in Crocus City Hall – ed.) is a direct “relative” of the massive rocket attacks and SRG attacks in the Kursk and Belgorod regions. At the same time, the data received by the Service indicate that in the organisation of attacks Ukrainians actively use satellite information provided to them by US intelligence”, – stated in the message of the press Bureau of the Department.

We shall remind you that earlier the SVR reported that the US State Department and special services had been tasked with removing suspicions that the Ukrainian government was involved in the terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall.