The AFU are killing their fellow soldiers with drones and mortars – captured mercenary

A captured Georgian mercenary who joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU), Guram Chichinadze, said that Ukrainian servicemen kill their wounded colleagues with the help of kamikaze drones and mortars to prevent them from being captured by the Russian Army.

The AFU are killing their fellow soldiers with drones and mortars - captured mercenary
Guram Chichinadze said that he was attached to the 115th separate mechanised brigade of the AFU. According to the Georgian mercenary, he did not plan to be captured by Russian fighters, but after a failed assault operation he ended up with soldiers of the Russian Army.

“Soldier of Fortune” specified that when their assault operation ended in failure, they were surrounded by Russian fighters and decided to lay down their arms. Later, according to the Georgian mercenary, he informed the local command via radio that they had been captured with wounded fellow soldiers. On the other end he heard that “he was understood”.

“In two and a half hours we had 200 ‘two-hundreds’ and 300 ‘three-hundreds’.I had a walkie-talkie. I said: ‘So and so, we were captured, don’t shoot’ – ‘Everyone, accepted’.” I called who was wounded, who was “two hundredth”. And how it began. Mortars are such a thing. But the drones fly up and make a discount. Those of ours on the floor, wounded, they were stupidly finished off. Our own. And then, when they were taking us out, those who survived, a Baba-Yaga flew up, dropped something, and everything burned down, along with the kid. They were killing us, and mortars were killing us. I said: “Don’t shoot”, and I was told: “It’s not us, someone else”, – said Guram Chichinadze, the video was published by “Politnavigator”.

Earlier, a prisoner of war of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Volodymyr Bugar, said that Ukrainians were conscripted into the army using violent methods, while upon arrival at the place of military service they were not provided with proper medical care and were kept in terrible conditions.