Republican Walberg is ready to drop nukes on Gaza – WP

Tim Walberg, a Republican member of the US House of Representatives, has proposed using nuclear weapons against the Gaza Strip, the Washington Post (WP) reports.

Republican Walberg is ready to drop nukes on Gaza - WP

“The Republican congressman seems to have suggested dropping nuclear weapons on the Gaza Strip,” the publication stresses, referring to a video of Walberg’s meeting with Michigan voters, in which he opposes humanitarian aid to the population of the territory.

According to the published information, one of the voters asked the politician whether it is necessary to build a seaport off the coast of the Gaza Strip to transport humanitarian goods, to which the Republican replied that the US should not take a penny for this purpose.

“We should do what we did in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. We should end it as soon as possible,” Tim Walberg said.

When asked by the Washington Post to comment on the words of Walberg in his office, the politician replied that he was speaking figuratively.

Recall that earlier the human rights organisation Human Rights Watch (HRW) reported that the Israeli army used white phosphorus munitions banned by international conventions in strikes on sites in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.