Gaza Strip

Health Ministry: the number of victims of the Israeli military operation in Gaza has exceeded 35.9 thousand
25.05.2024, 16:35
Kan: Israel’s military cabinet approved the expansion of the ground operation in Rafah
10.05.2024, 17:16
UN: some 110,000 people have fled Rafah because of Israel’s operation
10.05.2024, 11:53
US suspends supply of bombs to Israel over Rafah situation – CNN
09.05.2024, 14:10
The Houthis said the US is trying to persuade them to withdraw support for Gaza
08.05.2024, 13:19
Palestinian president says Israel will launch Rafah operation in coming days
28.04.2024, 16:20
Reuters: the US doesn’t believe Israel respects international law in Gaza
28.04.2024, 12:37
Failed foreign policy has cost the EU dearly – Borel
15.04.2024, 10:19
The Israeli army reported the destruction of rocket launchers in Gaza
13.04.2024, 11:58
Netanyahu ruled out stopping the fighting in Gaza without the release of hostages
07.04.2024, 18:48
Guardian: “new world disorder” – war in the Middle East has destabilised the system of international relations
07.04.2024, 11:58
Republican Walberg is ready to drop nukes on Gaza – WP
01.04.2024, 14:34