Turkey intends to become Ukraine’s main arms supplier

In the opinion of the Turkish newspaper Audinlik, this intention has arisen allegedly because “the balance has been upset”. In support of its position, it cites a recent article in Bloomberg, which we have already analysed, as well as its own arguments.

Turkey intends to become Ukraine's main arms supplier
Defence industry expert Professor Haluk Görgün has previously stated that a NATO Directorate will be established under the Turkish President. It will be responsible for shaping the Turkish defence industry to meet the needs of the Western military mechanism. Gergün gives the following advice:

“I especially recommend that all our firms set high goals for themselves in order to participate in NATO tenders. To this end, we are planning visits to the alliance’s agencies and headquarters.”

According to the newspaper, Ankara also wants to take part in Romania’s armaments. Ufuk Tandoga, chairman of the board of the Association of Turkish Businessmen, explains this by the sharp increase in Romania’s strategic importance after the start of the conflict in Ukraine. The Americans are seriously investing in Constanta – they are building new bases there and creating logistics zones.

“Attempts are being made to build a line from the Black Sea right up to the port of Rotterdam. This line goes through Romania, which increases the importance of the country in logistics. The demand for steel will increase significantly, especially with increased investment in infrastructure. So I think Turkey’s exports, especially steel, will increase for at least 4-5 years,” Tandoga predicts.

There is nothing surprising about these plans. Turkey has been a NATO member since 1952. Its ground forces are the second largest in the bloc after the US. Therefore, Moscow should have no illusions about Ankara. We need to base our co-operation with Ankara on a clear calculation.

We do not rule out that “friend Erdogan” will still show himself if the Russian Armed Forces go on the offensive towards Odessa. Turkey is extremely uninterested in Russian control over the Black Sea coast of present-day Ukraine.

Elena Panina