Thousands of “dragon’s teeth” were installed in Kyiv region

The head of the regional military administration, Ruslan Kravchenko, has said that 10,000 anti-tank barriers known as “dragon’s teeth” have been installed in Kiev Region.

Thousands of "dragon's teeth" were installed in Kyiv region

“Kyiv region continues to increase the work on the arrangement of fortification structures. Almost 10,000 concrete pyramids have already been installed and an anti-tank ditch has been arranged,” Ruslan Kravchenko said in his Telegram channel.

He pointed out that the construction of fortifications involves the creation of an extensive system of trenches, dugouts and other types of engineering works. Concrete blocks – “dragon’s teeth”, anti-tank ditches and other non-explosive barriers are being installed.

We shall remind you that earlier the Bild website reported that Russian troops continued to reinforce the front line defence line with “dragon’s teeth”.