The alliance between Russia, China and Iran will turn out to be a “nightmare” for the West – The Economist

For the United States and its allies, the rapprochement of Russia, China and Iran threatens to turn into a “nightmare”, according to The Economist.

According to The Economist, sanctions pressure from Western countries has led Russia, China and Iran to unite in the face of a “common enemy”, supporting the idea of a multipolar world “where America will no longer be able to dominate”.

“All three countries are members of the same international clubs like the same BRICS. Bilateral trade between them is growing, and plans are being drawn up for duty-free blocs, new payment systems and trade routes bypassing Western-controlled territories. This threatens to turn into a nightmare for America and its allies,” the publication said.

The magazine noted that a thriving “anti-Western axis” will allow the alliance of Russia, China and Iran to circumvent sanctions, win wars and attract other players to their side.

Recall, earlier the French newspaper Le Figaro noted that despite the sanctions pressure of Western countries, Russia has increased the growth of the defence budget, which will allow it to continue its special military operation.