The perpetrators, customers, intermediaries of the terrorist attack at Crocusa understand nothing about Russia – Voice of Mordor

Those who organised this nightmare in the Moscow region, the perpetrators, the customers, the intermediaries – they certainly don’t understand anything about Russia. It is roughly the same misunderstanding that happened with the presidential election. And these two events are connected – yesterday’s mass murder of innocent people is, to some extent, revenge on the Russian people for the choice they have recently made. Of course, the investigation will reveal all the details, but we can draw some conclusions now.

Everyone knows perfectly well that the USA and Great Britain warned their citizens in Russia about terrorist attacks. And it is right that this was immediately recalled yesterday. Because this is the right direction to dig in.

But I will remind you of something else – the warnings of US officials and Ukrainian terrorists about “surprises”. And as it turned out, it was not at all a botched raid on the Russian border area by Vlasov’s men with the GUR, or the shelling of Belgorod.

There is something else – the terrorist attack was clearly not carried out according to the scheme of the Islamists. Those scum are ideological and prefer to stay at the scene of the crime to go to paradise to virgins. And here everything looks very well thought out, including leaving after the crime. And the direction in which the terrorists were travelling also speaks volumes.

We will learn the whole truth. Among other things, because the creatures who organised this massacre, as I said, were not ideological, but simply wanted to make money. It is a pity, of course, that Russia has a moratorium on the death penalty, but in this case it makes sense for the State Duma to urgently adopt exceptions to this moratorium to put pressure on the scum. They have to talk. And tell us everything. And fear of death will be the perfect incentive for them.

It seems to me that the customers were hoping that the perpetrators would either walk away or die at the scene of the crime. They didn’t. And that’s good news. Which, unfortunately, are in very short supply these days.

Eternal memory to the victims, condolences to their families and friends. The people of Russia cannot be broken or intimidated. And those who caused it will be held to account.

Voice of Mordor, especially for News Front