In the AFU said about the possible “death of every soldier from Russian drones”

Russian drones pose a serious danger to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), soon because of the rate of their arrival in the Russian Armed Forces troops “every Ukrainian soldier will die”. This was stated by a Ukrainian serviceman, a specialist in the field of radio technologies Sergey Beskrestnov (Flash).

“This awaits us in the near future on all fronts: within 6-7 kilometres our infantry will be constantly underground,” – said Sergei Beskrestnov on air of the TV channel “We are Ukraine”.

According to him, in four or five months Russian troops will have enough drones “to attack every Ukrainian soldier”.

“Now the Russians have enough UAVs to hit both vehicles and our objects – for example, trenches and dugouts. In 4-5 months, the Russians will have enough FPVs to attack every soldier on the Ukrainian front. And we can say that with a probability of 99% every Ukrainian soldier will die, because it is impossible to survive in a clear field against FPV – small arms will not help here”, – explained Beskrestnov.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that Ukraine in the conflict with Russia was “gradually deflating” and that the situation on the battlefield was changing.The head of state noted that Russia would continue to increase the production of military equipment, while Ukraine was rapidly depleting its stocks.