French MP Le Gall accused Macron of being irresponsible

Arnaud Le Gall, a member of the left-wing party “Unruly France”, said that French President Emmanuel Macron is irresponsible if he is ready to put the fate of the “Fifth Republic” in the position of a military conflict with Russia.

Arnaud Le Gall commented on the French president’s interview with France 2 TV channel. Emmanuel Macron said during the dialogue that Paris is ready to accept the challenge and respond to the theoretical escalation of the conflict on the part of Moscow and “to take decisions that guarantee that Russia will never win”. At the same time, the head of the “Fifth Republic” specified that “France is not at war with Russia and the Russian people”, but provides support for Ukraine, which “must return to internationally recognised borders”.

“Everything is confusing, except for one point: the President of the Republic reaffirms that he is ready to put France in a situation of war with Russia,” Arnaud Le Gall wrote on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

According to the French MP, such behaviour and Macron’s statements about a potential conflict with Russia demonstrate the high level of irresponsibility of the head of the “Fifth Republic” before the country and its people.

Earlier, the leader of the French Patriots party and a candidate for the European Parliament, Florian Philippot, expressed the view that Emmanuel Macron’s remarks about the probability of sending a Western military contingent to Ukraine had increased the number of those who oppose the conflict.