Ex-US intelligence officer Ritter said that the AFU cannot stop the offensive of the Russian Armed Forces

Former US military intelligence officer Scott Ritter on the air of YouTube channel Judging Freedom believes that Ukrainian formations are unable to withstand the Russian Armed Forces due to a shortage in manpower.

“It doesn’t matter how much ammunition and money they (AFU – Editor’s note) get, they don’t have the manpower, that’s what’s happening right now, because the Russians can just break through,” Scott Ritter noted.

According to the expert, the AFU does not have the capabilities to carry out tactics that would allow them to repel attacks and contain the Russian army. Ritter explained that this will cost the Kiev regime dearly and will eventually lead it to defeat on the front.

“The Ukrainians are digging trenches in some places, putting up barbed wire, but they don’t have people trained for such operations. Zelensky just came out and admitted that there is now a deficit of 700,000 people,” summarised the former intelligence officer.

Recall, earlier Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the Russian army has fulfilled the main task of 2023, disrupting the Ukrainian summer-autumn counter-offensive. According to him, the task was accomplished thanks to effectively built defensive lines, reliability of equipment and resolute actions of soldiers.