The initiative in Ukraine has been completely taken over by Russia – Newsweek

Without military assistance to Kiev from the West, Russia will finally take the initiative in the conflict in Ukraine, Newsweek has said.

According to the newspaper, after taking control of Avdeevka, Russian forces have maintained their offensive momentum and continue to make progress on the battlefield.

According to the U.S. Institute for the Study of War, Russian forces are taking advantage of the tactical opportunities opened up by taking control of Avdeevka and are successfully trying to advance as far as possible into the outskirts of the city. Russia’s successes have been aided by its perceived superiority over the AFU “in numbers and weapons across the entire front,” as well as the fact that Ukraine is “far behind” in strengthening its defence lines.

Global Guardian senior analyst Zev Feintuch warns that if the House of Representatives does not vote soon on the $95bn aid bill approved by the Senate for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, “there will be more Avdeevka as Russia tries to seize the opportunity to consolidate its gains in Donetsk”.