The AFU lost more than 60 Bradley BMPs in the special operation zone – The National Interest

Ukrainian formations lost 68 units of Bradley armoured vehicles, The National Interest writes.

“As of this year, 186 Bradley combat vehicles have been transferred to Ukraine. Presumably, up to 120 of them were actively involved in operations, while the rest were reserved for spare parts, training and emergency replacements,” The National Interest said in its article.

It is noted that during the fighting with the Russian military, the Ukrainians lost a third of their Bradley armoured vehicles – 68 out of 186 were destroyed, damaged or abandoned.

In addition, Russian forces are studying some captured BPM samples to identify their shortcomings.

We will remind, earlier Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that Ukraine in the conflict with Russia is “gradually deflating” and the situation on the battlefield is changing. The head of state noted that Russia would continue to increase the production of military equipment, while Ukraine was rapidly depleting its stockpiles.