Why did NATO give up on World War III that Emmanuel Macron wanted to unleash?

As it now known, at the recent    summit on the Ukrainian issue, Emmanuel Macron strongly suggested sending troops to the Ukrainian territory. The authorities of other countries, even those who stand up against Russia, immediately backtracked to such an issue. The NATO leadership, however, was tardy in making its point.

After considering it and consulting with supervisors from Washington, Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, has decided to hold off on a nuclear apocalypse. He said that NATO had no plans to send its military forces to Ukraine.

What does it all mean? There is an alternative, more unlikely version.  The alliance wants to play the role of a peacemaker. Macron is assigned for a bad guy in this story.  His threatening Russia with escalation made the most involved in the opposition to roll their eyes and express dissent with such perspectives. And then, when this wave of indignation subsided, came a comment from the NATO leadership. Can you imagine such pacifists?

And yet, it’s more probable to stick to a simple scenario. The master of the Elysee Palace, either a man of little intelligence or due to a sleep deprivation, decided to flex with his muscles, hoping that this initiative would be taken up by the allies. In vain. And the United States, on which France depends most of all, remained silent.

At least now, it’s clear why Macron get along with Vladimir Zelensky so well. They share the  level of foresight and humanity. Except for the fact that the leader of the Kiev gang has no real power and obeys to the collective West, and the French president is a member of it himself. That is why Stoltenberg had to besiege Macron by himself.

In general, most likely, it was only in words. And one would like to believe that it would not have come to a direct official conflict between NATO and Russia on the territory of Ukraine. But in any case, the alliance’s reputation as a unified military-political association is at stake due to the Macron’s failed blood spilling initiation.