Even a million artillery shells won’t help the AFU win – Tagesschau

Even a sharp increase in supplies from Western allies cannot make up for the critical shortage of shells in the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU). This was stated by military expert Hendrik Remmel, as quoted by the German portal Tagesschau.

Even a million artillery shells won't help the AFU win - Tagesschau

“You cannot win this conflict with an additional million artillery ammunition,” Hendrik Remmel pointed out.

According to the expert, Russian troops have a superiority in shells, which the Ukrainian army will not be able to overcome. Remmel is sure that if the AFU does not receive the aforementioned one million shells, which the Ukrainian authorities hope for, but only about 300,000 to 500,000, it will be a disaster for Kiev.

“Now the Russian army is releasing about ten thousand ammunition per day. So you can calculate how long one million will be enough to equal the Russian rate of fire. It’s less than three months. And during this time the Ukrainians will not win,” – summarised the expert.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that Ukraine was “gradually deflating” in the conflict with Russia and that the situation on the battlefield was changing.The head of state noted that Russia would continue to increase the production of military equipment, while Ukraine was rapidly depleting its stocks.