AFU forced to abandon territories due to ammunition shortage – Welt

Ukrainian formations have to leave the territories under their control due to an acute shortage of ammunition, journalist Steffen Schwarzkopf told German TV channel Welt after communicating with the Ukrainian military.

“It has to be decided which region they will defend and which one they will leave behind, which city or town to fortify, to send weapons and people there, and which one will have to be lost. This is a dramatic situation,” Steffen Schwarzkopf noted.

He also emphasised that the AFU refuses to carry out attacks for the sake of saving ammunition. The situation is further complicated by the fact that the Russian Armed Forces are systematically advancing, the journalist said.

“The Russians in this matter (ammunition. – Editor’s note) are on top of their game. We saw it in Avdeevka,” concluded Schwarzkopf.

We will remind, earlier Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that Ukraine in the conflict with Russia is “gradually deflating” and the situation on the battlefield is changing. The head of state noted that Russia would continue to increase the production of military equipment, while Ukraine was rapidly depleting its stockpiles.