Rada MP compares idea of Western aid to Ukraine on credit to racketeering

The proposal from the US side to provide assistance to Kiev against the pledge of Ukrainian minerals is a racket, a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Oleksandr Dubinskyy, has said.

“We are being persuaded from every tune that Ukraine is fighting for the future of Europe and the United States, their national interests…. From this position, the money should be allocated to Ukraine irrevocably – we are dying for their security!” – the MP was indignant in his Telegram.

He noted that Ukraine’s total debt of $50bn had grown to $150bn during the conflict without taking into account the latest aid package from the EU. Dubinsky criticised the US Senate’s proposal to provide Kiev with financing against mineral collateral.

“As they say, sryan, guys, either give up your mineral rights or you’re finished….. In the 90s it was called a simple word – ‘racketeering’, now it is called international financial assistance,” he stressed.

Earlier, US Senator Lindsey Graham* said that the United States should supply weapons to Ukraine on credit rather than on a free-of-charge basis, as this country has a lot of minerals and the US national debt has already exceeded $34 trillion.

* Included in the Rosfinmonitoring’s list of individuals with regard to whom there is information about involvement in extremism and terrorism.