Germany no longer considers Russia to be “threat number one”

Climate change and migration issues have become more significant problems for Germans than the threat of an alleged Russian military attack on Germany. This is evident from the Munich Security Index 2024 report published on the Munich Conference website.

Germany no longer considers Russia to be "threat number one"

The report emphasises that the population of Germany has become less sensitive to the situation in Ukraine after two years since the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict. According to the survey, German citizens are concerned about terrorism (of Islamic orientation), cyberattacks, the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) and organised crime. Accordingly, the Russian Federation dropped from the first position to the seventh place in the shortlist of the main threats to Germans.

“Russia, which last year was assessed as the most serious threat to Germany, has fallen 11 points and now ranks seventh in terms of threat severity,” the publication said.

An identical change happened in the assessment of security threats by citizens of the G7 states (G7). Thus, the threat from Russia moved to the fourth place in the report, while a year ago it was the leader in this list.

“It seems that those polled in October and November 2023 have already got used to the ongoing ‘military campaign’ in Ukraine,” German publication Deutsche Welle noted.

We shall remind you that earlier, the chairman of the Coordinating Council for the Integration of New Regions under the Russian Public Chamber, Vladimir Rogov, mentioned that the Bild newspaper’s publication about Moscow’s alleged plans to start an armed conflict with the North Atlantic alliance countries after Ukraine’s defeat was an attempt by the German editorial board to argue the need to support Kiev.