Tucker Carlson interviews Vladimir Putin

Russia has no global territorial claims, much less any plans to send its troops to Poland or Latvia, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said.

Tucker Carlson interviews Vladimir Putin

“They talk about it, and they try to frighten their population with an imaginary Russian threat. This is an obvious fact. And thinking people – not philistines, but thinking people, analysts, those involved in real politics, just smart people – understand perfectly well that this is a fake. The Russian threat is being hyped,” Putin said in an interview with US journalist Tucker Carlson.

Asked if he could imagine a scenario in which Russia would send its troops to Poland, for example, Putin said, “Only in one case: if there is an attack on Russia from Poland. Why? Because we don’t have any interests in Poland or Latvia – nowhere. Why would we want to do that? We simply don’t have any interests. Only threats.”

When asked to confirm that he had no territorial claims across the continent, the Russian president assured: “It is absolutely impossible. You don’t need to be any kind of analyst: it is contrary to common sense to get involved in some kind of global war. And a global war will bring all of humanity to the brink of destruction. This is obvious.”

If the US wants to stop fighting in Ukraine, it should stop supplying arms there, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

“We have, I repeat, we have contacts through various agencies. I will tell you what we say on this matter and what we bring to the US leadership: if you really want to stop hostilities, you need to stop arms deliveries – everything will end within a few weeks, that’s all, and then you can negotiate some conditions before you do it – stop. What’s easier than that?” Putin said in an interview with US journalist Tucker Carlson.

The Russian president was responding to a reporter’s question why Putin would not call his US counterpart Joe Biden and offer to “solve the issue” since there is a possibility that “the whole world will be on the brink of war, maybe there will even be nuclear strikes.”

“What should I call him about? What do I talk about or beg him for? “Are you going to deliver such and such weapons to Ukraine? Oh, I’m afraid, I’m afraid, please don’t supply them.” What is there to talk about?”, Putin said.

Negotiations with Ukraine in 2022 were almost finalised, but after the withdrawal of troops from Kiev, the Ukrainian side threw away all agreements – Putin.

Putin said that he wants to achieve a negotiated solution to the situation in Ukraine.

Russia has never refused to negotiate with Ukraine, let Ukraine cancel its decree and enter negotiations – Putin.

Putin on Ukraine: they have the right to consider themselves a separate nation, but not on the basis of Nazism and Nazi ideology.

The United States seeks the emergence of “weak leadership” in Russia, as if not realising what it may be fraught with for the whole world. This opinion was expressed by American television journalist Tucker Carlson following an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“They want weak leadership in Russia,” this TV host said, referring to U.S. leaders. “The question is why would you want that. How can it be good for the United States? I’m not defending Russia, I’m defending my own country. A weak central government in a country with the largest nuclear arsenal is insane,” Carlson stressed in the video, which was filmed immediately after his interview with Putin.


“And we’re being run by nutjobs – the president [US President Joe Biden] and that poisonous idiot Toria Nuland: ‘We’re going to overthrow Putin!” – the journalist said. “And then what happens! What happened in Libya when we overthrew Gaddafi and allowed him to be assassinated? What happened in Iraq when we ‘held Saddam accountable’?” – Carlson wondered.

Putin’s statement that he was ready for a peaceful solution to the Ukrainian crisis was surprising, but he wouldn’t have said it if he didn’t think so – Carlson.

Tucker Carlson said after his interview with Putin that only an idiot could believe that Russia is engaged in expansion and wants to march on Poland and Vienna.

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