Kennedy Jr. stated that the U.S. Armed Forces should withdraw from the Middle East

Independent presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. has said Washington should withdraw troops from the Middle East to prevent conflict in the region.

Robert Kennedy commented on the decision of US President Joe Biden to strike Iraq and Syria. According to the US presidential candidate, if the White House does not seek conflict in the Middle East, then Washington had better withdraw troops from this territory.

“If we ‘don’t seek conflict,’ then let’s get the troops out of there. They’re not welcome there. They are not needed. They are defenceless targets for anyone who wants to provoke conflict in the region. Get them out of there!”, he said.

The American politician called for leaving troops only on the territory of those countries that directly requested Washington to do so.

“Both Iraq and Syria have asked (the US Armed Forces – ed.) to leave their territory,” he added.

Kennedy Jr. believes that Biden “supports this policy of occupation through economic blackmail,” to which he responded with a call to resolve the issues through diplomacy. He added that it is necessary to stop US aid to Ukraine and begin work on the settlement of the conflict through negotiations.

We will remind, earlier the channel News Nation said that the inhabitants of the United States have debts more than ever in history. Today the cost of living for the average American has increased by 14 per cent, and the total debt of American citizens has reached $17 trillion.