EU to supply Kiev with only 600,000 shells out of the promised 1 million – Bloomberg

EU countries will be able to supply only 600,000 shells for the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ artillery out of the promised 1 million by 1 March. This was reported by the Bloomberg news agency, citing sources.

According to Bloomberg, due to the depletion of EU military stocks and constant delays in production, the West’s support for Kiev will fall far behind the schedule for the delivery of 1 million shells. The publication specifies that Ukraine will receive only 600,000 ammunition out of the amount promised by Brussels.

The agency stressed that at an informal meeting in Brussels on Tuesday and Wednesday, representatives of the EU defence agencies will consider alternative options for supply sources. However, one way or another, the EU will not be able to realise the promised volume of artillery shells for Ukraine.

Bloomberg recalled that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are experiencing an acute shortage of ammunition for artillery and air defence.

“Russia will be able to continue to engage artillery while its infantry attacks Ukrainian positions”, – commented to the agency the prospect of aggravating the problem of shortage of ammunition analyst of the American research organisation RAND Corporation Anne Mary Daly.

Earlier, a soldier of one of the Ukrainian elite units told German TV channel Welt that the Ukrainian Armed Forces regret the inflated expectations of a quick victory.