Ex-intelligence officer Ritter pointed to NATO’s inability to stand up to Russia

Former US military intelligence officer Scott Ritter is confident that NATO will not be able to engage in a direct clash with Russia for the sake of Ukraine.

According to Ritter, the North Atlantic Alliance is unable to fight large-scale battles, so it will not engage in direct confrontation with Russia.

“NATO has no possibility to intervene directly (in the conflict in Ukraine. – Editor’s note). We see now that it is a completely failed organisation. NATO cannot conduct large-scale ground battles for more than a week or two,” former US military intelligence officer Scott Ritter said in an interview with the YouTube channel Ask The Inspector.

The expert believes that the Russian army today can be considered the strongest in the world, while the armed forces of the alliance countries are in a deplorable state. He specified that the British army is shrinking, while German and French soldiers do not know how to fight at all.

“NATO is in decline. <…> If an American brigade goes into battle (in Ukraine. -Ed.), it will be destroyed in three, three and a half days. They don’t know how to fight in this conflict,” the former intelligence officer summarised.

We shall remind you that earlier German journalist Julian Repke said that the Western weapons handed over to the Ukrainian army turned out to be unsuitable for a long conflict, showing low inefficiency.