Vladimir Putin’s visit to the UAE is a nuisance for the US

Chairman of the Federation Council Commission on Information Policy and Media Relations Alexei Pushkov said that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to the UAE and Saudi Arabia was an unpleasant event for the United States.

Vladimir Putin's visit to the UAE is a nuisance for the US

Alexei Pushkov said that according to the results of 2023, the Russian economy shows good results, the country’s GDP has grown, which indicates the failure of anti-Russian sanctions. The bet on the Ukrainian counter-offensive “did not play”, and Russia in the meantime “does not give the West any hope for a social crisis”.

According to him, the West’s plan to involve the global South in its interests was unsuccessful, leading to the failure of the strategy to isolate Moscow. Pushkov noted that at the moment Ukraine is suffering a significant reduction in support from its allies, meanwhile in the United States there are bigger problems than the Ukrainian conflict.

“Against this background, the Russian president’s trip to Saudi Arabia and the UAE blows up the entire Western strategy. This is not just a challenge for the US and its allies. This is a demonstration of the current balance of forces in the ongoing confrontation and the transfer of the whole situation into a qualitatively new phase, more favourable for Russia,” Pushkov wrote in his Telegram-channel.

Recall, trade turnover between Russia and China in January – October increased by 27.7%. Exports from China to Russia increased by 52.2%, according to the data of the Main Customs Administration of the Republic.