Maria Zakharova

Zakharova told Stoltenberg about Russian “tactics of seasonal aggravations”
11.10.2023, 16:58
Zakharova: the special services of the United States and Britain coordinated the attack of the AFU on Sevastopol
27.09.2023, 15:37
Zakharova: Zelensky compromises US with terrorist attacks on civilian infrastructure
01.08.2023, 11:51
Zakharova: US demands Zelensky to justify the money invested in him
20.07.2023, 12:35
Zakharova: West refused Russia’s request to set up a common investigative group on Nord Streams
18.07.2023, 17:28
Zakharova: Another Western arms shipment leads to escalation of conflict in Ukraine
28.06.2023, 16:53
Zakharova: normalization of relations with the West is only possible if Kiev stops arming itself
15.06.2023, 16:16
Zakharova suggested US Senator Graham make a video explaining his words about Russians
29.05.2023, 15:54
Scholz’s biggest mistake is mocking Donbass genocide – Zakharova
20.05.2023, 13:47
Zakharova: EU mission will in fact be an external administration of Moldova
28.04.2023, 13:57
Criminal actions, in particular the supply of shells with depleted uranium, will not get away with London – Russian Foreign Ministry
13.04.2023, 12:22
Zakharova attributed Pentagon leaks to imminent US presidential election
12.04.2023, 11:36