Josep Borrell

Borrell admits he doesn’t know how to pay for EU militarisation
09.04.2024, 13:18
Borrel revealed the motives for the support of Ukraine by the EU countries and the United States
26.03.2024, 13:57
Borrell: EU regrets that OSCE observers were not called to Russian elections
18.03.2024, 15:36
Borrell: EU hopes to hand over 250,000 more shells to Ukraine by end of March
05.03.2024, 17:30
Borrell condemned the panic of EU officials and military over the alleged threat of a Russian attack
23.01.2024, 16:19
Zakharova criticised Borrell’s words about EU mobilisation against Russia
27.12.2023, 15:39
Borrell urged EU countries to disburse funds to Ukraine ‘even more and faster’
28.11.2023, 19:24
Borrell said the world has not solved the Palestinian-Israeli conflict for 20 years
20.11.2023, 15:58
Borrell: only Palestine can be in power after the end of the conflict
18.11.2023, 15:58
Borrell spoke out about Ukraine’s chances of victory
15.11.2023, 10:17
Borrel says he has no ammunition of his own for Ukraine
14.11.2023, 17:26
Borrell: more than 1,000 anti-Semitic rallies in France alone in a month
06.11.2023, 15:50