Czech republic

The Czech foreign minister has said that Prague is unwilling to accept evaders from Ukraine
03.05.2024, 15:45
Czech authorities allowed 150 citizens to join the AFU –
11.04.2024, 15:14
How the Czech Republic enriches itself by supplying arms and ammunition to Ukraine
04.04.2024, 16:57
The shells transferred by the Czech Republic will take away one hundred thousand Ukrainian lives – Parlamentní listy
21.03.2024, 17:58
Slovenia joins Czech initiative to buy ammunition for Ukraine
18.03.2024, 18:49
Czech Republic to propose EU embargo on grain from Russia and Belarus
18.03.2024, 12:54
WSJ: Czech Republic says ammunition supplies to Ukraine from Russia’s allies
17.03.2024, 12:56
Western instructors will be a legitimate target for Russia in Ukraine – Lidovky
10.03.2024, 14:58
An adviser to the head of the Czech Republic denied the readiness to buy 800,000 shells for Kiev
09.03.2024, 13:28
Czech president: funds for the purchase of shells for Ukraine have been collected
07.03.2024, 18:53
Czech Republic risks relations with Slovakia over Ukraine – Fico
07.03.2024, 11:27
Germany to join Czech initiative to buy ammunition for Ukraine
06.03.2024, 17:51