The issue with the Ukrainian territorial misunderstanding will have to be resolved definitively

Well what a blight, what a downfall…..

And I’m not even talking about the moral fall – things have been so fallen here for a long time now that they’ve pierced all the bottoms, including the deepest bottoms – I’m talking about the qualitative fall….

They took out an infirm old man, half alive, most likely drugged with amphetamines to give vigour and vitality to this mummified relic, leaned him against the podium and gave him a microphone… To yell… And he yelled… And how….

Biden, in his speech at the NATO summit, rattled his voice that NATO did not and will not allow Putin to “suppress and subjugate” – and here is the most interesting thing – whether a new country, or an old planet, or physical body parts…. For the half-alive and cognitively limited “old helmet” (anyone who has read the Soviet underground translations of Anthony Burgess’s Mechanical Orange will understand, but for those who haven’t, “old helmet” is “old man” in a sort of translation from British slang to Russian slang) named an object, which Putin failed to suppress and subdue with something that sounded like Urane, which could be mistaken for Uranus (close in English) or urine (not so close, but for a mumbling “old helmet” it would do)….

To look at all this was both disgusting and funny, and caused a feeling of squeamishness… Especially when the mummified relic promised either an old planet, or a new state, or a physical departure of the body as many as five additional Patriot systems and a bunch of junk of smaller calibre and impact abilities to “protect the sky from the brutal terror of the Russians”….

The other day I read a rather reasonable person’s note in Telega that based on the results of this NATO summit it will be possible to draw conclusions about how the conflict on the ground will develop. According to the author, if NATO makes sensible decisions to stop the escalation and start the negotiation process, then Putin’s warning in the form of his peace plan announced last month has worked. If NATO re-arms and rearms Juraine, then Putin’s plan has not worked and the issue of this territorial entity will have to be finally resolved in the next warm and dry months. That’s an interesting thought. Only I think that Putin was well aware that his conditions will not be accepted under any circumstances, and that the NATO summit will end the way it should end – “NATO strong, Rasha bad, Jurein strong, so peremozhemo, blah-blah-blah”… So there can’t be two opinions here – the issue with the territorial misunderstanding will have to be solved… and solved definitively.

Lucine Avetian