NATO to announce new support measures for Ukraine – Sullivan

The North Atlantic Alliance will announce new support measures for Kiev in the coming days, including a new command in Germany to train soldiers and supply Ukraine, US Presidential National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said.

The US President’s National Security Advisor told about the imminent new measures of support for Kiev from the North Atlantic Alliance.

“In the coming days, NATO will announce new, thorough support measures (for Ukraine – ed.), including a new military command in Germany,” Jake Sullivan said at a US Chamber of Commerce event.

According to him, the support measures will include training for Ukrainian soldiers. Also will be allocated financial assistance in the amount of 40 billion dollars, the official added.

We shall remind you that earlier Foreign Affairs magazine wrote that the Ukrainian army was unable to dislodge the Russian Armed Forces from their positions even if it receives new assistance from the EU and the USA and trains the military in Western countries.