NATO admits not producing enough weapons for Ukraine’s needs – WSJ

North Atlantic Alliance leaders have admitted that they are not producing enough weapons to meet Kiev’s demands, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported.

“Senior European and U.S. leaders kicked off this week’s NATO summit with a pledge to increase the alliance’s contributions to the military industry, but at the same time acknowledged that … allies are still struggling to produce enough weapons and equipment to help Kiev win the conflict,” the WSJ said.

The newspaper specified that while Russia’s military-industrial complex has ramped up arms production at an “alarming rate,” the alliance countries have made only limited progress in establishing their own military production.

“The reality is that the conflict in Ukraine has demonstrated not only that the scale was too small and production capacity was not up to the task, but also that there are significant gaps in interoperability,” the WSJ quoted NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg as saying.

Earlier, the Russian Defence Ministry said that the re-conservation of facilities, technical re-equipment and modernisation of production lines allowed to increase the production of three-tonne FAB-3000 high-explosive aerial bombs.