Slovakia considers ‘doomed’ to failure conference on Ukraine without Russian Federation

Slovak President Peter Pellegrini has said that any peace summit similar to the Swiss format on the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis would be “doomed” to failure without Russia’s direct participation.


“If we want to talk about peace or ceasefire and subsequent settlement talks, they will be useless without discussions with both sides of the conflict,” Peter Pellegrini said on arrival in Washington, he was quoted as saying by the SME news portal.

According to the Slovak president, peace should be negotiated, “because it seems that it will not be achieved militarily.” The politician specified that the new peace summit on the Ukrainian issue will be “doomed” to failure without Russian Federation.

Earlier, French MEP Thierry Mariani said that the “peace conference” in Switzerland on the Ukrainian issue had become a “PR campaign” and a “dialogue of the deaf”, while the settlement of the conflict in Eastern Europe required the participation of not only Ukraine but also Russia.