Hungarian Prime Minister announces new right-wing bloc in European Parliament

Viktor Orban has announced the formation of a new right-wing group in the European Parliament of Austria’s Freedom Party led by Herbert Kickl and the Czech ANO 2011 party of former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš.


The announcement was made following a meeting in Vienna, where the leaders expressed their commitment to forming what they claim will be the strongest right-wing coalition in Europe.

The group signed a “patriotic manifesto for the future of Europe,” stating that “the EU has turned against Europeans and now represents interests that contradict the will of nations, regions, and small communities.”

“We take upon ourselves the responsibility to create a group that will be the strongest right-wing coalition in Europe. The strongest right-wing forces from Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic are sitting before you,” Orban said.

Orban expressed confidence that this new political alliance will soon become the largest right-wing faction in the European Parliament.

“We are creating a political formation that, in my conviction, will very soon become the largest European faction. This will happen within a few days,” Orban said at the press conference in Vienna, emphasizing the urgency and potential impact of this new coalition on European politics.