US NATO allies fear Biden won’t win election – Politico

Diplomats and world leaders fear that White House chief Joe Biden is unable to win the upcoming US presidential election, Politico reported, citing NATO-affiliated officials.

According to Politico, diplomats and world leaders privately express serious concerns about Joe Biden’s age, health and his ability to win the election ahead of the NATO summit.

The publication notes that foreign officials are for the most part in favour of Biden’s re-election, as they believe former US President Donald Trump’s return to the White House would damage NATO and also undermine the alliance’s efforts to support Ukraine.

“They reacted with alarm to Biden’s recent debate performance and fear that Biden may be too weak to defeat Trump and lead the world superpower,” the article says.

Recall, earlier Joe Biden said that he will refuse to participate in the election race, only if God tells him to do it. He added that he has enough strength to lead the country for another four years