Former Swedish prime minister: Russia’s victory in Ukraine threatens a nightmare for Europe and the US

Tens of millions of Ukrainian refugees, changes in Europe’s political landscape, increased defence spending, a dangerous confrontation with Russia and a decline in US authority – all this, according to former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt, awaits the West if Moscow wins the Ukrainian conflict. In an interview with CNN, the politician confirmed that such an outcome would be a “nightmare” for Europe and the United States.

VEDANTAM: I want to talk about something you wrote recently, which is what would be at stake if Ukraine loses. You say it will have significant consequences not only for Ukraine, but, interestingly enough, for Russia and for Europe.

Now I want to focus on the implications for Europe. You say it will be a nightmare in terms of the number of refugees that Europe will have to take in and the defence costs.

KARL BILDT, Former Prime Minister of Sweden: Absolutely right. It’s really going to have very bad consequences. If they defeat Ukraine in the sense that they still want to do it, we will get several tens of millions of refugees. The political situation in Europe will change dramatically. We will be forced to significantly increase defence spending, perhaps double what we spend today. And this will create a confrontation (with Russia. – Inotv) that will be very important for European security. Also, the global consequence will be that it will be a very clear sign of the decline of American power around the world.

Material provided by CNN International.